Costing and distribution


Ad Size 1 Issue 3 Issues (BEST DEAL) Cost per Household
Full Page $1675 $4800 ($1600/issue) less than 4 cents per issue
Half Page $1040 $2850 ($950 /issue) less than 3 cents per issue
1/3 Page $665 $1905 ($635/issue) less than 2 cents per issue
1/4 Page What's Happening Around the City $400 $1140 ($380/issue) less than 1 cent per issue
Front Cover $1300
Back Cover $1900

Ad copy/layout cost: $50

Place your ad on our website: $400 ($50 with purchase of print ad)


Total Coverage (40,000) - Includes every individual single house in Kelowna

Areas coupon book distributed to:

The Mission (8,677)
Includes V1W (KLO South)

Glenmore/Dilworth/Mckinley Landing (5,535)
Includes V1V, Dilworth Mountain & Magic Estates, Glenmore Valley out to McKinley Landing and Quail Ridge

Lower Glenmore/Downtown (7,949)
Includes V1Y, Kelowna Golf and Country Club, KLO road north to Poplar

Rutland (8,923)
Includes V1X

West Kelowna (5,558)
Includes V1Z West of the bridge to Bylands Includes V4T SS#11, Mission Hill, SS#7 Westside Road

Black Mountain (2,076)
Includes V1P, Black Mountain, and Joe Riche

Various Outlets (1,282)
Kelowna Actors Studio, Georgie Girl,Yamas and Perkins Restaurant.