Costing and Distribution throughout the Okanagan Valley

The following information has been updated as of July 2019

Next delivery date is planned for the week of October 15th, 2019.

The Okanagan Sunshine Savings Book has been a well-recognized advertising venue in and around the Kelowna area since 2011. A perfectly sized coupon book for households to keep handy, as well as a full online section of downloadable coupons, in keeping with today's reliance on technology.

We are now distributing the book and online coupons twice a year and expanding our reach to outlying areas.

Distribution is through Canada Post


Ad Size Per Issue Cost per Household
Full Page $2000 less than 4 cents per household
Half Page $1250 less than 3 cents per household
1/3 Page $840 less than 2 cents per household
1/4 Page (Events Only) $550 less than 1 cent per household
Front Cover $1500
Back Cover $2200

Additional Costs

Total Coverage:50,743

Figures published by Canada Post

Distributed To:

The Mission (9,297)
Includes V1W (KLO South)

Glenmore/Dilworth/Mckinley Landing (6,453)
Includes V1V, Dilworth Mountain & Magic Estates, Glenmore Valley out to McKinley Landing and Quail Ridge.

Lower Glenmore/Downtown (6,255)
Includes V1Y, Kelowna Golf and Country Club, KLO road north to Poplar.

Rutland (8,931)
Includes V1X

West Kelowna (12,432)
Includes V1Z West of the bridge to Bylands (4,490) Includes V4T SS#11, Mission Hill, SS#7 Westside Road (7,942)

Black Mountain (2,431)
Includes V1P, Black Mountain, and Joe Rich

Various Outlets (1,282)
Kelowna Actors Studio, yamas, Georgie Girl, and Perkins Restaurant.

Winfield ≈ Oyama (4,944)
Includes V4V

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