I had gotten away from print advertising as it wasn't producing enough return for the $$$ spent. Okanagan Sunshine Savings has changed my mind. You had to work really hard to get me to place a coupon ad the first time but I'm glad I did. I start getting coupons in the store within a day of the Savings Book being delivered to homes. I'm completely happy with the return on my investment with the Okanagan Sunshine Savings Book.

Luscious Lashes Inc.

In regards to the ad I put in your Sunshine savings booklet, I was blown away from the response I received from it, and so was my competition!!!
They couldn't figure out how come I was so busy and they were not!!

Kelowna Dinner Cruises

De Dutch Kelowna has advertised in the Okanagan sunshine coupon book twice over the last year. Due to this publication we have seen a substantial increase in our sales and have had over 800 coupons redeemed and still counting. Thank you Judy, for creating such an amazing way to support and promote local businesses here in the Okanagan.

De Dutch Capri

I have had great success with my ad in your coupon book this is our second run and each edition has yielded excellent return on our investment. Customers continue to call us up and book appointments well after the book has been sent out proving that your book has good staying power. I would recommend the coupon book to any business that is looking for exposure and increase in sales revenue. I look forward to your next issue, and thank you Judy for all your passion and hard work.

Garage Door Depot of Kelowna

A&W (Harvey Ave, Kelowna) has been involved with Okanagan Sunshine Savings Book since early 2009 with a great degree of success. We were definitely impressed with the quality and layouts of this handy little book that seems to garner a lot of attention in Kelowna households. It has drawn new customers to our location that didn’t realize we even existed for nearly 10 years! Judy Levine, the driver of this little machine is very insightful and tuned in to various business needs. We definitely recommend using her if you are considering putting a few extra dollars into you marketing plan. With her expertise, you can expect some nice exposure and a new customer base for minimum cash.

A&W Restaurant

I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks in regards to your efforts with the Okanagan Sunshine Savings Coupon Book. I simply can't find a better solution that gets our message in front of so many Kelowna residents. The value I receive for my advertising dollar is amazing. I will be hard-pressed to find a similar solution if you should ever determine to discontinue the project. I look forward to a long relationship with Picasso Productions and many more successful books.

Kelowna Actors Studio

Just a short note to let you know how pleased we were with the response we had from your last coupon book. We definitely received a greater redemption of coupons than expected, and still to this day, customers are bringing in your coupon. So it certainly looks like you were right when you thought people would hold on to your booklet. We are now looking forward to the next mail out, and we thank you for your hard work, positive attitude and high energy level which is a joy to be around.
Thanks again,

Great Canadian Oil Change

The following are reviews from City of Kelowna employees who have used various coupons from our coupon book over the years:
  • The 2 for 1 Lake Cruise aboard "the Executive Boardroom" is a coupon I will be using to enjoy some special quality time with family members. I've used past Sunshine Savings coupons aboard the "Fintry Queen" and my whole family enjoyed a wonderful cruise very happy being together - Debbie

  • The Sunshine Coupon book offers a variety of restaurants to sample from including old favorites like White Spot to new, modern restaurants like Caribbean Kitchen. It has inspired me to try some new menus around Kelowna and I have to say I have been very pleased with the variety, amount and bargains the coupons offer. Great value! - Kirby

  • As a mother trying to make the right choices for my kids, The Natural Baby Shop offers great deals on everything maternal and natural and with the coupon I received from the Sunshine Coupon book I was able to discover this new store and to purchase some items at 15% off. - Kelsey

  • It's hard to know where to go and what to do around Kelowna so I have been using my Sunshine Coupon Book as a tour guide and I've definitely enjoyed the restaurants, activities and great deals - Graham

  • I've been going to Giannz for about five years now and really like my hairdresser but also the rest of the staff, very friendly and accommodating. It's like a family over there. I thought I would try the nail thing as I've never done it before and the coupon will help with that and trying something new - Rita

  • City of Kelowna Staff